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The word Acapulco evokes thousands of years of history. Mexico’s most famous beach, known as “the Pearl of the Pacific” has the best of everything, and is the setting for stories that have been written and some that are yet to be written, with you as the main character.

Most of the written history available begins after the conquest, when Hernan Cortez overthrew the Mexica Empire in 1521 and turned his attention to the region and its beautiful bay. Acapulco’s climate, its beaches and mountain ranges have overwhelmed everybody who has visited the site, from famous pirates such as Sir Francis Drake to kings like Edward VII of England, who visited Acapulco during a fishing trip. Singers and actors, politicians, writers and other famous personalities, as well as more modest individuals, have also distinguished Acapulco with their presence. This touristy destination is a unique dream-like place that no one should miss.

Bloody battles were fought here to win its coasts and all of them were witnessed over the years by the fort of San Diego and its rich history.

The name Acapulco comes from the Nahuatl language and it is made up of the words acatl reededs were cleared. Although Acapulco has had other names, its indigenous name has remained.

Acapulco’s beaches provide a variety of entertainment options that make a tourist’s stay extremely pleasant. Most of the beachfront establishments include restaurants, transport, and hire of beach chairs, parasols, lifeguards, life vests, visors, and surfboards, in addition to rowing boats, sailing boats or motorboats. All beaches have showers, changing rooms, restrooms and security personnel. So, why not visit the so-called American Riviera?